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STELLENCE PHARMSCIENCE PRIVATE LIMITED (SPPL) is a company keenly involved in the business of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. In its aspiration to locate a suitable manufacturing location in Bangalore, the company identified and bought Karnataka Chemsyn Limited (KCL), which was under rehabilitation with the Bureau of Industrial Finance and Reconstruction (BIFR), Govt. of India. With infusion of capital into the company, it has now been rehabilitated and restructured and is a vibrant manufacturing facility located at Jigani,in South Bangalore.

KCL has been rechristened as STELLENCE PHARMSCIENCE PRIVATE LIMITED (SPPL). SPPL is expected to be a lead player in the manufacture of Contrast Media (CM) products in the years ahead. SPPL follows the cGMP guidelines in its manufacturing operations and has two small volume finishing lines – where we expect to produce high value complex molecules either as an advanced intermediate or an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). In addition the facility also has a large volume finishing area where we plan to produce a range of CM products.

The resource pool of ideas that the Group has is the result of a subtle amalgam of brilliant and creative minds. Every individual working in the Group is constantly involved in generating new ideas and working towards making it a success. We would like to believe that our clients seek us out rather than the other way around! Our facilities, work ethics and interactive idea sharing platforms make us stand out in our field of specialization.

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SPL is specialized in implementing ideas into potential products and innovative solutions.

SPL is partnered with specific clients under confidentiality to rapidly characterize their proposals into well defined entities.

If you are looking for someone to materialize your ideas then you have come to the right place – WE ARE THE RIGHT PEOPLE!